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Core Training:Day 2

This is the second day of the SCReaM Human Factors Core Training and  is open to all Oncology and Theatre healthcare workers who have completed Day 1 of Core Training (or attended the original SCReaM training day prior to 2017) and wish to complete their core training.


As with Day 1 this training is suitable for all Oncology and theatre healthcare workers including all specialist nurses, surgeons, anaesthetists, trainees, ODPs, HCAs and managers. The Day 2 course can be attended within 48 hours of attending the Day 1 course or can be attended after a 12-18 month period. On completion of Day 2 core training delegates will enter the Rolling Recurrent Refresher Training  to receive updated/refresher training every 1-2 years.

Day 2 Training Course topics include:

  • Brief Revision of day 1 modules

  • Situational Awareness: definition and strategies for improved performance

  • Organisation Safety Culture: values and pitfalls, perceived safety culture, the medical error epidemic, reporting and feedback

  • Decision Making: process awareness, pitfalls, and tools to make better decisions

  • Leadership and Teamwork: defining, characteristics, and the development of skills in high performing teams

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