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HF Training: We run a rolling training programme focussed on providing delegates a basic understanding of HF. Our training programme encapsulates both Team Resource Management  principles and HF methodology to help staff understand the interacting factors that affect their performance. They can then start to design their ‘system’ to best fit their ways of working and improve theirs and their patients safety and well-being. For more information on our training programme click the training button above.
HF Projects: Many of our projects often stem from the pledges (something from the course that has resonated with delegates that they wish to try in their working lives). They utilise HF methodology and systems thinking to make changes. Some of our current projects can be found on our projects page, found be selecting the HF projects button above.
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HF Engineering: This is the newest component of the programme aimed at providing HF Engineering support to programmes across the Trust. We apply known and recognised HF tools and techniques to support these large scale Transformation Programmes. For more information, select the HF Engineering button above.

For a potted history of SCReaM, click here

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