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SCReaM Training in Theatres

Our Core Training courses are accredited by:
CIEHF Accredited Training Course badge.png

Core Day 1

Core Day 1

31st January '24 (f2f)

Core Day 2

20th February '24 (f2f)


Recurrent #1:

6th March '24 (v)

10th June '24 (f2f)

16th July '24 (v)

1st May '24 (f2f)

18th October '24 (v)

7th November '24 (v)

12th September '24 (f2f)

27th February '25 (f2f)

13th March '25 (v)

13th November '24 (v)

20th January '25 (f2f)

25th March '25 (v)

* V = Virtual course;    f2f = Face-to-Face in the Classroom

These courses are suitable for all theatre healthcare workers including Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Trainees, ODPs, Scrub Nurses, Recovery Nurses, Theatre HCAs, and Theatre Managers


Theatre courses are available to THEATRE staff outside of the Royal Surrey Family*

*(course fees apply)


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If you work at RSFT, speak to one of your local SCReaM champions to find out more about SCReaM or tell us how you think the project should evolve to support you. Contact us here

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